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What We Do

Watchtower Capital is a boutique consulting and investment banking firm specializing in helping companies secure their capital needs. We best serve as strategic advisor and financial intermediary to private and family owned companies/partnerships. On a selective basis, we will co-invest in deals as an independent sponsor. While many of our clients tend to be seasoned middle market enterprises, we also bring decades of experience working with high growth and well backed start-ups. Our experts ardently lead the charge in packaging/creating the pitch book, sourcing, negotiating, and attaining the credit (senior and mezzanine) or equity (controlling and non-controlling) required by our clients. The typical use of proceeds can be to expand the business, refinance, recapitalize, consolidate or pursue mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Our firm’s minimum is $10 million and can support requests of up to $100 million. We serve broad industries across all sectors and have the capacity to bring in the required subject matter experts to meet our client’s needs.

Do you seek debt or equity financing?

The process of looking for money must align with the needs of your company. Where you search for funding and how you secure that funding is unique for every type of company. The capital injection itself is important but equally or even more important is the personality and cultural match between the client and capital source. There is an enormous delta amongst the following scenarios: a high growth technology start-up requiring series A equity funding to secure potential large contracts; a local, well established but growing commercial/industrial distributor needing senior debt financing for additional warehouses across the country; a private partnership requiring help to secure the entire capital stack (senior, mezzanine, equity) for an acquisition of a family owned, domestic retail chain. The previous is a cross sample of how we have helped our clients. Each case may be banked by varying funding sources but the one critical point remains constant; the process from planning the project to negotiating with any capital source needs to be thoughtfully and meticulously modeled.

The Quintessence of Watchtower Capital

Watchtower Capital was born from a simple but profound finding. We truly believe that while deals and business may come and go, properly nurtured partnerships will always withstand the test of time. Furthermore, this thoughtful development of professional relationships can be particularly beneficial during arduous times or through difficult deals. We advocate for our clients from inception of idea to deal closing, focusing on their immediate and longer-term needs to model sustainable, bespoke solutions. Watchtower Capital exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, specifically as it relates to securing funding. Our unique, systematic approach is not only what differentiates us, but also makes us best in class.

Watchtower Capital offers advisory (strategic and financial) services to help execute your vision from start to finish, as well as define a timeline for your company’s funding strategy in pursuance of your goals. We bring decades of banking acumen and invaluable relationships to our client’s doorstep. Watchtower Capital has tenured connections with clients across broad industries and equally as important, with the extended advisors to those clients (more in depth breakdown in the “Partner with Watchtower Capital” section click here). We have found that going to market with the backing of our vast network serves the clients’ interests extremely well. Get in touch for a consultation to examine how we can help you.

Get in touch for a consultation to examine how we can help you!